How Does A Stairlift Installation Work?

It’s not uncommon for people to consider getting a stairlift. Be it for a disability or something age-related, a home stairlift helps you get up and down your stairs if you experience any mobility  issues. Before you get in touch with a stairlifts company, however, it’s worth making sure you know what the installation process will involve.

A stairlift installation doesn’t happen magically, so you’ll need to know what the process actually entails. It’ll avoid any surprises when you get it installed, as well as helping you understand whether you’ll need stairlift repairs in the future.

You’ll need to know the ins-and-outs of how a stairlift is installed to make sure no issues come up.

How Is A Stairlift Installed On The Stairs?

When many people think of stairlift installation, they think it’ll be installed directly on the stairs. That isn’t the case. Instead, brackets are attached along the wall, which the stairlift then travels up and down.

The track is typically elevated above the stairs and supported by brackets. These brackets are safely secured by several screws, usually between two and five. That means there’ll be no need for a stairlifts company to adjust the bannisters or make any adjustments to the wall.

The distance between the track and the stairs also means you don’t need to risk any scraping or similar damage, which is also true of the wall. All in all, it’ll be a quick and easy process you shouldn’t need to worry about.

Will It Cause Any Damage?

A stairlift installation can be a big process, so you could be worried about it damaging your stairs and any other nearby areas. The good news is that there shouldn’t be any of this, especially when you hire a trusted stairlifts company.

When it comes to carpets, for example, you shouldn’t need to worry about it being lifted and refitted. Instead, small screws are used that won’t leave any visible damage. At worst, there might be an indentation in your carpets from the weight of the stairlifts, but that doesn’t lead to any damage.

You’ll need to keep your carpet’s condition in mind with this, however. Stray threads and other pre-existing damage may be damaged further in time.

There also shouldn’t be any damage to the staircase itself, and it shouldn’t have an impact on staircase integrity. That’s especially true when you hire a reliable stairlifts company to carry out the work for you.

Brackets will be installed and used to prevent such damage, and these won’t cause any harm themselves.

Get Started With Your Stairlift Installation

A stairlift installation will go a lot smoother than you think, and you shouldn’t need to worry about it taking too long. A high-quality stairlifts company also makes sure there isn’t any damage to the surrounding area.

At Alfix Stairlifts, we work with you to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We’ll help you choose the best home stairlift for you, while installing it the right way. If you need any stairlift repairs, we’re also there for you.

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