How Long Does It Take To Install A Stairlift?

When walking up and down stairs becomes challenging, there are a range of options available. One option is relocating to a single storey property but often there are both practical and sentimental reasons to keep the same home. Another option is to adjust living arrangements to spend the majority of time on the ground floor of a house, but this can be restrictive. For these reasons, installing a stairlift can be an important step in retaining independence. There are a number of factors that can impact the time it takes to install stairlifts. Some of these factors include ease of access, the type of staircase and the required specifications for the lift.

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Measuring, Cutting And Installing The Rail

One factor that will impact the requirements for the length of time for stairlift installation is the rail. For straight staircases, the process of measuring, cutting and installing the rail can be carried out relatively quickly. For curved staircases, there are more specific requirements for the dimensions of the rail so the measurement process will typically take longer than for a straight stairlift. For straight staircases, the process of measuring, cutting and installing the rail can typically be completed within a couple of hours.

The process of installing the rail on curved staircases can often take two to three hours longer than this. There are a number of other factors that can impact the timeframe for the installation of the rail. Often the first step in determining a timeframe for installation is carrying out a home visit to establish the required dimensions and specifications of the stairlift installation. For simple, straight stairlift installations there will often be the option to opt for reconditioned stairlifts in order to make savings. An experienced stairlift manufacturer will be able to provide stairlift options for most staircases.

Demonstrating The Stairlift

Stairlift installations will include a demonstration of how the stairlift works, providing a full overview of all the controls. There can be a range of different options for controlling a stairlift including remote controls. This demonstration provides a good opportunity to ask any questions and ensure that there is a clear understanding of how to operate the stairlift. Once professionally installed, it can be useful to discuss service requirements for the installation to ensure the installation is kept working efficiently. With installation typically taking under half a day, a stairlift can provide long-lasting independence within your home.

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