How Mobility Affects Your Mental Health

Mental health and mobility have always been linked together. A loss of mobility is always challenging to deal with, whether you live alone or with others. It can affect both the individual suffering and those around them. 

Read on to discover more about how mobility can affect your mental health and some solutions that might be ideal for you. 

What Do We Mean By Loss Of Mobility? 

A loss of mobility can be anything from ageing and becoming less agile, to a certain accident breaking/spraining something that will cause you not to be as mobile as you could be. Losing your mobility can create challenges in completing daily living tasks that able people may take for granted – including walking, dressing, using the bathroom and much more. 

How Is Mental Health Affected 

Any loss of mobility can have a negative effect on a person’s mental health. They can feel isolated and frustrated that they can’t leave the house or get around as they used to, with social connections heavily affected by a lack of mobility. 

How To Stay Positive While Dealing With Mobility 

It is vital to ask for help when you are dealing with mobility issues. Your loved ones should be there to support and take care of you, so never feel afraid to reach out to them. If you want to leave the house but are unsure you can manage it, ask a loved one to come with you for support. 

You can reach out to support groups of people going through the same thing. These give the opportunity to talk through issues related to mobility and even form new friendships that can occupy your time. 

Try to make your life as accessible as possible, so moving around is not as much of a problem and you can still accomplish tasks by yourself without asking for assistance. This could include installing a stairlift to easily get up and down the stairs, making your bathroom into a wetroom for easier washing and moving furniture around to allow you to move around by yourself when possible. 

Alfix – Your Reliable Stairlift Engineers In Worcester 

Mobility can really affect your mental health, and a stairlift can be an ideal solution to help regain mobility around your own home. Here at Alfix, we offer our customers high-quality stairlifts to fit your needs and help you regain your independence. 

This includes both new and reconditioned stairlifts that can be both straight and curved depending on your property. We offer both permanent solutions, and also stairlift rental in case it is only needed for a short amount of time. 

We offer free consultations of your property to ensure you get the best solution for you, so give us a call today at 01905 630133 to find out how we can help you.