How to Adapt Your Home for Better Mobility

There is plenty you can do to adapt your home to make it a safer environment for yourself or your loved one. Often there are just a few changes that can be made that make a huge difference. Here in this blog, we have listed a few of our recommended options.

Consider a stairlift installation

Going up and down the stairs is one of the most frequent issues for individuals with limited mobility, so installing a stairlift can make all the difference. There are lots of second-hand stairlifts available if you’re on a budget, or you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant which can support you with costs.

Increase your lighting

Our eyesight can get worse as we get older, so with this in mind, optimum lighting is crucial to permit you to move safely around your property. Consider motion sensor lights in spaces such as the hall to eliminate fumbling for light switches, or switch regular bulbs for extra bright LED versions.

Kitchen support

There are lots of useful gadgets you can use to help the elderly in the kitchen, particularly if your balance or grip isn’t so strong, perching stools can offer support in a near-standing position as you make a cup of tea or stir dishes, and there are lots of adapted items available such as wide handled cutlery, automatic jar openers, kettle tippers and plenty more.

Here at Alfix, safety is crucially important to us. We supply and install a wide range of new and used stairlifts for both straight and curved staircase applications. For further information on our array of stairlifts, please contact our friendly team in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.