How To Choose A Stairlift

There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing a stairlift for your home. With options for both straight and curved staircases, it is important to ensure that your stairlift meets the required specifications. It is important that a stairlift has safety features such as a seatbelt and is made by a reputable stairlift manufacturer. It is also important that controls are available for the intended use. For example, in the majority of cases, it is useful to have a remote control for a stairlift.

Another consideration relates to cost. There are several options to manage the cost whilst still installing a high-quality, reliable stairlift. Purchasing a reconditioned stairlift is one of these options. This provides the opportunity to benefit from the specifications of a high-quality make and model that has been refurbished to industry standards by a reputable stairlift company such as Alfix Stairlifts. An alternative to this is stairlift hire. This is a popular choice to save money where a stairlift is only required on a temporary basis such as when a relative is staying at your home.

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Booking A Home Visit

The first step in understanding the pros and cons of different options for stairlifts is in booking a home visit. This will provide an opportunity to discuss your requirements and receive some recommendations. Discussing the pros and cons of different makes and models of stairlifts can also provide a good opportunity to decide if installing a stairlift is the right choice for you. A home visit with a reputable stairlift company is a useful starting point to determine the required specifications for a stairlift, budget considerations and potential next steps.

Understanding The Options

Installing a stairlift can be an important step in maintaining an independent lifestyle in a familiar and homely setting. There are a wide range of routes that can be taken from a budget standpoint. For a short-term option, stairlift hire is often a sensible choice. It can be worth discussing a company’s range of refurbished stairlifts at a home visit to see if this route could make sense. Overall, a stairlift provides a mobility aid that can be integrated into a home setting. Getting in touch with a stairlift company can be helpful in talking through the options available to meet your specific requirements.

Get In Touch

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