How to Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safe at Home

We all worry about our elderly relatives, especially as they get older. From trips and falls to security vulnerabilities, the safety of older relatives may be at the back of your mind. However, there are plenty of ways that you can help them stay safe and comfortable while living alone.

Here are some of the best way of keeping your elderly relatives safe at home.

Install a stairlift

As you get older your joints get stiffer and you can become more unstable on your feet. As a result, one area of the home that can be a particular hazard is the stairs so if you relative has a bedroom or bathroom upstairs this is something to think about. Installing a stairlift can make navigating the stairs easier. For those with mobility-related conditions or simply need extra support when using the stairs, a stairlift is a perfect solution.

Improve their home security

Security should be a number one priority for all homeowners, so look out for your elderly relative and make sure that their home is well protected. CCTV, intruder alarms and motion lighting are all great ways of increasing the security around a property, plus some installations can be monitored remotely and will alert you when unusual activity is detected.

Hire at-home help or carer services

Some elderly people do not like to admit when they need help, but it’s important for them to know that there are services available. At-home help or carers can help with everything from cleaning, cooking, getting dressed and collecting prescriptions, so elderly relatives can get the support they need. But, always include them in these decisions.

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