How to Make Your Home More Comfortable as You Age

Your home needs to be one that works for you, no matter what stage of life you are in. If you have children or are preparing to retire, your house will need to adapt to your needs in different ways. It’s a good idea to prepare for the future or consider what you can do to make your home more comfortable and your life easier.

Moving around your home

When you’re inside your home, whether you live alone or with family, there are certain obstacles that can make it more difficult to get around your home. Whether this is multiple staircases, steps or areas not being accessible.

  • Stairlifts – Stairlifts are an excellent addition to your home if you struggle with your stairs. While you may still have good mobility, it’s never too early to prepare your home and stairlifts can help you if your find your knees tend to hurt when going up and down the stairs, or if you feel unsteady. A fall down the stairs can cause a lot of damage so it’s better to err on the side of caution.
  • Raisers – When your bed or chairs are low to the ground, they can be challenging to get in and out of, so installing raisers onto some of your furniture can make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. You can also consider powered riser-recliner chairs and special beds that raise you into a position where it’s easier to get up and they can lower you to sit or lie down.

In your bathroom

Your bathroom has many potential slip or trip hazards so it’s a good idea to pay attention to this area.

  • Walk-in baths – Walk-in baths work by having a swing door on the side, allowing easy access so you don’t have to step over the side. You can also put a seat in your shower so that you don’t have to stand up while you’re washing.
  • Safety plugs –  If you’re worried about overfilling your bath or sink, safety plugs will help ensure that your sink or bath can only be filled up to a certain level. A flood detector alerts a monitoring centre if the bath or sink starts to overflow – which may also be useful.

In your kitchen

Your kitchen is an important part of your home but has a lot of items and machines that can be difficult to use as you get older.

  • A perching stool – This can be used to sit at a near-standing position to assist you while you are cooking, making a hot drink or doing the washing up.
  • A kettle tipper – These help you pour the kettle easier and make it safer.
  • A spike board – Helps you peel vegetables one-handed.

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