How To Persuade A Relative They Need A Stairlift 

Growing old in dignity is a problem that a lot of people face. They like to convince themselves they are still young at heart and can do everything that they used to be able to do. But sadly, that is not the case and acting like this can be detrimental to them. 

Here is a guide from the team at Alfix on how to persuade your relative or loved one that they might need a stairlift installed. 

Explain Your Reasonings 

You need to carefully explain all of your reasons as to why they need a new stairlift. Sometimes your relative or loved one cannot see the bigger picture, so talking through the reasons they may need a stairlift can help them to understand completely why they need one. 

Reasons They Need A Stairlift 

Here are a few reasons why your relative might need a stairlift: 

  • Take The Strain Away – As you grow old, your body can start to deteriorate. Going up and down the stairs can cause a lot of strain on your body, especially your knees. A stairlift can help to keep the strain off your legs, allowing your relative to stay active for longer. 
  • Reduce Fall Risk – The risk of a fall increases as a person gets old, and going up/down stairs is one of the most common places for a person to fall. A stairlift will completely remove the risk of falling on the stairs. 
  • Make Them More Mobile – For those needing a stairlift, getting up and down stairs can be tricky and they often spend the whole day on just one floor to avoid the strain. A stairlift allows them to use every floor of the house with ease, without the worry of manoeuvring up and down. 

Listen To Their Side 

While you are trying to persuade your relative or loved one that they need a stairlift, it is also important to understand their side of the story. Listen to the reasons they might have against a stairlift and try to offer solutions to these reasons. You want to make sure they have peace of mind towards a stairlift and to be on their side at all times. 

Ask, Don’t Demand 

One of the key things to do when trying to persuade someone is to ensure you remain on their side. Ask them to do what you want, don’t demand it. Demanding they need a stairlift will make your relative feel attacked and can further alienate them from the idea. Asking them after explaining all of your reasoning is the best way to persuade them. 

Local Stairlifts In Gloucester 

If you’re looking to install a stair lift in Gloucester, work with Alfix today. We can install any type of stairlift whatever your requirements, including both straight and curved stairlifts. We offer free consultations, independent advice and a survey so we can find the correct solution that works for you. If you need a temporary solution, we also offer stairlift rental, with both short, medium and long-term rentals available. 

So, if you’ve successfully persuaded your relative that they need a stairlift, call us on 01452 595 073 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.