Practical Ways To Help A Loved One With Limited Mobility

As our loved ones grow older, their mobility can decline, and as a result, we may need to help them in a number of ways to cope with daily life. Losing mobility can be a difficult experience, and one which takes away the freedom we often take for granted. Performing basic tasks can become troublesome, and the activities which were once a staple of their week can no longer be completed. Assisting a loved one with poor mobility may be as simple as offering advice on regular exercise or paying them regular visits, or it may entail purchasing them a walking stick or other similar mobility aids. Alfix are here to provide and install a range of new stairlifts, including unique custom-built systems so your family member or friend can overcome the access difficulties of difficult staircases.

Continue reading to discover some more of the practical ways in which you can help a loved one who has limited mobility.

Consider Mobility Aids

All sorts of mobility aids exist, from simple wooden sticks to custom-built wheelchairs and walkers. Depending on how easy your loved one finds it to move around without any assistance, you may want to explore the various options available. Introducing an elderly relative or friend who struggles with walking to the right mobility aid has the potential to really benefit them daily, with a sense of purpose restored. Movement with the help of a mobility aid will enhance quality of life, allowing for a sense of independence to be restored.

Assist With An Exercise Regime

One of the most effective ways to assist someone struggling with mobility is to regularly exercise with them or give them useful tips on the activities they should be participating in to improve their movement. Regular exercise can lead to more flexible joints, stronger muscles, and better balance, immediately improving the range of mobility a  person is capable of. Consultation with a medical professional is recommended before carrying out intensive exercise, but once this has been approved, you can begin the encouragement.

Emotional Help

If the loss of mobility sustained by a loved one has been sudden, or they are suffering as a result of their mobility decline, offering emotional support can be just as valuable as investing in an appliance or helpful household item. Reassuring them that you are always available for assistance is likely to go a long way, and lending your ear to their problems will show that you really care. This can understandably be an incredibly traumatic time, and empathy on your part can be crucial.

Consider Stairlift Rental Or Purchase

As mobility becomes an issue, navigating up and down household stairs can become an insurmountable problem. This is why at Alfix we offer a dedicated, personal service, providing tailored and individual advice on which of our range of modern and new stairlifts is the most suitable for your needs. Aftersale maintenance and support are to be expected, while we provide help for breakdowns, and can even offer stairlift rental.

Drawing on many years of industry experience, at Alfix we can supply and install the perfect stairlift to suit your requirements. Whether you need a slimline system for a narrow set of stairs, or unique custom systems for difficult staircases, we have you covered. Established as a family business over two decades ago, we are ideally situated to provide you with a solution to all stairlift requirements. Whether a complex and bespoke stairlift is what you require, or a simple straight design can be installed on your premises, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01926 334848 with your stairlift rental queries.