Stairlifts And Other Useful Home Mobility Aids

For many, the ability to navigate their home and walk freely up and down the stairs is something that is taken for granted. Although it is a somewhat essential part of everyday life, we don’t tend to think how fortunate it is to move unassisted.

However, for people with physical disabilities and the elderly, these actions are far from simple, and without the correct assistance, simply moving around a house can become troublesome and frustrating.

Fortunately, in these circumstances, there are a number of different aids that may make the lives of those with mobility limitations easier. These can be implemented and installed around the home to assist with movements and day-to-day living, giving a sense of independence back to those who are physically challenged.

Here is Alfix’s guide to stairlifts and other useful home mobility aids.


First on the list are stairlifts. These devices can be life-changing for those who find walking up and down stairs in their homes challenging.

Stairlifts are available for both straight and curved staircases, meaning they can be installed in almost any home. Via a remote control or panel on the chair itself, users are able to travel up and down the stairs of their house independently and freely.

What’s more, with options available for purchase or rental, stairlifts are a feasible solution for those with long-term disabilities or undergoing short-term recovery from an operation or accident.

Wheelchair Ramps

In addition to stairlifts, wheelchair ramps are common and incredibly helpful additions to any home. Their simple yet effective designs allow wheelchair users to negotiate ledges, steps and curbs in and around their homes.

Moreover, they are not only helpful for wheelchair users but for those who use walking aids such as mobility frames or canes as they remove the risk of tripping or getting caught on steps and other obstacles.

Hand Rails

Finally, handrails are commonplace in hotels, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways around the world due to the fact they make using facilities much more convenient for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Not only do they massively improve the safety of rooms that may feature slip hazards or involve getting up from a seated position, but they also allow individuals to perform basic functions with dignity and without the fear of injury.

Alfix: Mobility Aid Rental And Purchase

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