Supporting Your Loved One As They Move Into Later Life

If you or a loved one is progressing into the later stages of their life, it’s important to support them in any way you can. This can be a difficult transition and accepting the process of ageing can be challenging for many of us.

To find out more about supporting your loved one in different ways, keep on reading!

Staying Active

Staying active as you move into later life is extremely important for a range of reasons. Although your body may not be how it once was, it’s important for mobility reasons to keep moving. Even going for a walk a few times a week, or sitting out in the park can benefit your loved one. Not to mention, staying active has a range of mental benefits too!

Mental Support

Offering emotional support to a loved one is very important to ensuring that they feel heard and less alone. Many elderly people can be more vulnerable to mental health problems and depression as they get older, so taking care of our seniors is vital to making them feel supported.

Reassuring your loved one that they can talk to you and open up to you is a good way to show care and support too. It can make them feel more comfortable, heard and less alone.


Staying independent as you move into later life can be difficult, but there are ways to mitigate this. Your loved one may be content living on their own and completing their daily tasks in an attempt to stay independent, however this may not be safe. You can find solutions such as stairlifts or downstairs bedrooms to help your loved one stay safe and independent.


If you feel as though your loved one would benefit from a carer, or live-in-care, then discussing this with them and arranging some kind of care may be a good idea. Live-in care can be a good way of ensuring your loved one is properly looked after and has some level of companionship.


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