The Best Accessibility Options to Have in Your Home

If you’re someone who may struggle with mobility issues or has a family member who does, then getting up and down the stairs in your home can prove to be rather tricky – at least doing so comfortably. Thankfully, there are various accessibility options available that you can have installed in your home to make this much more manageable. 

We’ve listed these below, so read on as we discuss who may benefit from each, alongside their advantages and limitations. 

Straight Stairlift 

Straight stairlifts are the most convenient stairlift to have installed into your home, as well as the most affordable. They can be bought either brand new or reconditioned, and can even be rented if you only require them as a temporary solution or would prefer to spread the cost of installing one. 

Whether you struggle with limited mobility or suffer from joint pain in old age, straight stairlifts are an easy and convenient way to help you safely get up and down the stairs pain-free. Many come with adjustable seat heights and swivel chairs, as well as joystick controls and/or a remote-control handset. 

If space is an issue, then there is also the option of a folding track. The only time where a stairlift may still prove to be difficult is for wheelchair users, who would likely still need help getting from their wheelchair to the stairlift seat and vice versa. 

Curved Stairlift 

Not all stairs are built equal, which is why there are different stairlifts to accommodate for this. For example, if you have a curved or multi-flight stairs, then a curved stairlift will be a much more convenient solution. 

A curved stairlift will be installed to fit the entire length of your staircase, curving up and around each flight of stairs till you get to the top. It’s worth bearing in mind that these do tend to be more expensive than straight stairlifts, however there is still the option to buy them reconditioned. 


As we mentioned, a stairlift may prove to be slightly tricky for wheelchair users, who would still face the issue of needing to get in and out of their chair. Though this would still be possible, a solution that provides such individuals with more independence would be to have a domestic lift installed in your home. 

These are small lifts, often square in shape, that you can wheel into to be lifted up to the next level in your home without the assistance of a family member. Whilst these offer wheelchair users more independence than stairlifts, their major downside is that they take up much more space and will be significantly more expensive to have installed. 

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