What Could the Future of Stairlifts Look Like?

Stairlifts are an invention that have proven to be indispensable, offering a domestic convenience to many different people. Used predominantly by elderly individuals, they are also used by people with a physical disability that means they struggle to use stairs and even those who are recovering from an operation or injury.

It’s fair to say that stairlifts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon… but that’s not to say they won’t evolve. In a time where technological advancements are the norm, it’s only natural that stairlifts will see improvements to their design in order to improve their practicality in the future.

Read on below as we discuss three of the possibilities that could be seen in the future of stairlifts.

Passenger Codes

Though stairlifts don’t exactly operate at a Lamborghini-level speed for safety reasons, if not used correctly then there is still a possibility for the user to fall out of the chair and fall down the stairs. This isn’t so much of a concern for the intended operator, but more so for any younger relatives who perhaps feel inclined to use a stairlift without permission.

Stairlifts serve a functional purpose for your benefit, so to avoid anyone (particularly any young grandchildren) from using your stairlift without permission, or as something to play on and potentially harming themselves or damaging the stairlift itself, future stairlifts may feature an operating code or other form of security.

This could include some form of identification system that restricts access of the stairlift solely to the intended user.

Dual Stairlifts

For many elderly couples, it could be that both of you make use of your stairlift. Of course, this means you’ll have to take it in turns to use if you both need to go up or downstairs at the same time, but imagine how romantic it would be to use it together – not to mention convenient!

Well, that’s the direction stairlifts may be going… eventually, anyway. Manufacturers may look into creating heavy duty stairlifts that hold the weight of two people rather than just one, perhaps with a dual seat design that allows couples to go up and down together rather than having to wait turns.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Currently, if you’re a wheelchair user who also uses a stairlift, then you’ll be used to having to get out of your wheelchair and into the lift, usually with assistance. Whilst the stairlift allows you to go up and down the stairs, this is a rather inconvenient way of doing so.

With this in mind, the future of stairlifts could see new designs specifically for wheelchair users that allow you to simply wheel your chair onto the lift and secure it, without having to leave your wheelchair – thus allowing you that extra piece of independence.

Stairlift Rental in Aylesbury

As promising as the future of stairlifts seems, the stairlifts of today still provide a great convenience to those who can benefit from them.

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