What do I do When I No Longer Need My Stairlift?

Perhaps you had a stairlift installed but no longer need it anymore, what do you do with it now? Stairlifts are practical pieces of equipment that can assist a range of people in getting up and down their stairs. However, there may come a time when that stairlift is no longer necessary, or you move into a home with a stairlift that you don’t require, and you need to get rid of it. Because it’s such a large piece of equipment that is often made bespoke to fit your staircase, you may be unsure what to do with it.

Here we’ll explain the options you have.

How is a stairlift removed?

If you choose to remove your stairlift, your best option is to contact a trusted supplier to help you. They will have the expertise to remove the stairlift properly and can install a new one if you are upgrading to a different model. Attempting to remove the stairlift yourself may lead to damaged fittings or damage to your property. It should only take a couple of hours to remove the stairlift and you can arrange a date and time with your stairlift company.

Can I scrap my stairlift?

While you may consider scrapping your stairlift, because of the number of different materials used in production, there is very little scrap value for the metal within the frame so this method of disposal is often not seen as cost-effective. If you are removing the stairlift yourself, or a family or friend has offered to help, make sure it isn’t disposed of in an illegal manner. Fly-tipping is illegal and the stairlift may be traced back to you leaving you with a hefty fine.

Can I donate my stairlift?

You may want to offer your stairlift as a donation to charities and others in need. However, because your stairlift is made to fit your stairs, it may be difficult for a charity to take the stairlift off your hands. However, if you have a straight stairlift where the rail and all working parts have been kept in good working order, some reputable companies will buy your stairlift from you to sell to another customer.

Can I recycle my stairlift?

If your stairlift was made bespoke to fit your staircase, an eco-friendly way to dispose of it is to recycle it. When you get your stairlift removed by a reputable company, many will charge a small fee for disposal and that is to balance the recycling plant disposal fee.

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