What Makes A Stairlift Safe?

When considering a mobility solution within your home, safety should be prioritised. There are a range of appliances large and small to help with daily navigation around the home but the stairlift remains a reliable choice for moving up and down a staircase. Functioning by transporting a user via a mechanical system and cushioned chair, stairlifts are attached to the wall and powered for efficient movement. Despite constantly being improved and attaining new innovative safety features, you may be worried about the potential for a stairlift to lose functionality or become faulty in some way. In the following blog, we will detail some of the most prominent safety features which are utilised by a selection of Alfix stairlifts. We stock leading stairlift manufacturers, so when you choose to rent or buy a stairlift from us, we’re sure to have an option which meets all your needs.

Continue reading for reassurance on some of the tried and tested safety features for stairlift rental or purchase.

Secure Seat Belt

Whenever a stairlift is used, the seat belt should be fastened as a priority. Secure adjustable seat belts will strap the user into their comfortable seat, ensuring that they don’t topple or accidentally fall before the seat has reached the top of the stair when they can safely dismount. All stairlifts will come secured with a seat belt, and this is an integral safety feature for straight and curved stairlift hire solutions.

Safety Sensors And Remote

Safety sensors are fitted onto most stairlifts to ensure that the moving seat stops completely if anything becomes lodged within the tracks or any object or body part makes contact close to the bottom of the moving unit. This means that these stairlifts will prevent accidents and mishaps immediately before they can escalate, automating the safety function. A remote or joystick can often also be used to manually stop the stairlift.

Foldable Seat

A foldable seat will be available on models from most reliable stairlift manufacturers, minimising potential accidents and causing less of an obstruction on the stairs. This means that even the narrowest stairway can be navigated without tripping over the attached seat. Tripping on the stairs can have serious consequences and cause severe injuries, so investing in a stairlift with a foldable seat from Alfix will provide peace of mind that you’re prioritising the wellbeing of loved ones while protecting others within their property.

Professional Stairlift Hire Installation

Installation by a trusted expert will be fast and efficient, with our team harnessing years of experience installing seats within local properties. As well as installation services, our friendly experts can show you exactly how your new stairlift works, advising you on how to safely use the useful appliance and make the most of your mobility device. Drawing on many years of combined experience, we are trusted specialists in supply and installation of bespoke tailor-made stairlifts. We provide slimline systems for narrow stairways as well as curved stairlifts suitable for unconventional stairways with landings. Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and the surrounding area, we are the trusted specialists to choose if you have any mobility issues and struggle to ascend or descend your stairs. Reclaim your independence and contact Alfix today on 01926 334848 for stairlift rental enquiries.