Who Can Use a Stairlift?

If getting up and down the stairs has become a struggle for you, installing a stairlift is one solution you should consider. Although stairlifts are common mobility aids among elderly homeowners, they are not the only group of people who can benefit. In fact, stairlifts are suitable for a whole range of needs.

In this blog, we explain who may require a stairlift.

People with disabilities

If you have limited mobility due to a disability, using the stairs may not be a possibility or could be very dangerous. However, installing a stairlift can give you the physical support you need so you can regain some independence and protect your body at the same time.

Those living with long-term conditions

Long-term conditions can affect your energy levels, strength and flexibility so having a stairlift in your home can make you feel more comfortable. If your symptoms have got progressively worse over time or your diagnosis predicts they will, getting prepared is key and a high-quality stairlift can help.

Individuals recovering from an injury

Accidents happen and when you find yourself recovering from an injury, operation or another kind of treatment, taking things slowly is the best way to get back on track. While you regain your strength a stairlift can give you the physical support you need while moving up and down the stairs.

Elderly homeowners

As you get older you can become less balanced and a little more prone to trips and falls. If you or an elderly family member lives alone, adding an easy to use stairlift can give peace of mind by making the home safer.

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